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Are you:

  • tired of going it alone and you crave support on your journey?
  • struggling with your health and you’re so sick of trying new things that you’re not sure what will work for you?
  • wanting improvements in your finances, job or relationships, but you’re not sure how to go about that?
  • feeling lost and you want to feel confident and clear?
  • feeling low and you’d just like to feel better more of the time?

We're here to help.

People often think that how they’re feeling is a result of their circumstances.
They then try to control or influence those circumstances, but find that impossible to sustain.

Improvements are slim at best and the road to it feels like an endless slog uphill.

Sound familiar?

That’s because:

The circumstances didn’t cause your feeling. 
Your thoughts about your circumstances did.
When you change your thoughts, you affect how you feel.

When you think better, you’ll feel better emotionally.

When you feel better emotionally, and do that consistently, your circumstances change to match that.

Your cells thrive. Your relationships improve. New opportunities come to you. You find abundance in all areas of your life.

Now, you may you doubt this.

But what if:

  • it’s even remotely possible that feeling better would help your life improve, wouldn’t you want to find out?
  • the only result is that you feel relief more of the time, wouldn’t that be a great result in and of itself?
  • for once you didn’t have to figure it all out yourself, but could have help on your journey, don’t you want that for yourself?


Any of this resonate?

We'd love to work with you.

We can help you feel more confident, more abundant and just plain happier by empowering you with the tools that give you creative control over your life.

Check out our profiles to see which one of us appeals most to you.

We may teach the same thing, but we each have a completely different way of going about it.

But we’ll give you the main difference, in one word:

If you like a direct approach:

Louis de Souza

Law of Attraction Coach

If you prefer a gentle approach:

Yvon Stokkink

Emotional Guidance Coach

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