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Series 1: Essentials

How you can create your life using Law of Attraction


In just three weeks you’ll:

  • Understand how the Law of Attraction works and how it relates to everything in your life.
  • Learn how to use your emotions as your personal guidance system.
  • Always know where to go, from wherever you are.

Most importantly, you’ll:

  • Feel better, simply through the power of your focus.

We’ll give you all the information described in three hour long sessions during which you can ask as many questions as you want.

Each series is divided into three sessions. To start in January 2020.

  • 01.12.2020
  • 01.18.2020
  • 01.26.2020

Each session consists of a live call of an hour.

Classes will take place on Sunday 17:00 GMT. (Convert to your local time here.)

You’ll receive an invitation to each call and you can simply click on the link to join.
We’re using Teams which you can download for free on phone and/or pc. We’ll send you a link to the call before it starts.

On top of that you’ll get:

What we'll cover?

Course information:

Week 1: How it all works.

In the first session you’re given an understanding of how the universe works, and, more importantly, how it can work for you. We’ll be discussing the three steps to creation, explain what contrast is and why we need it.

Week 2: How to apply it in your life 

In this second session we’ll talk about learning to use your emotions as your personal guidance system. You’ll learn about the emotional guidance scale and how to use that information to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. (We’ll go into greater detail in the second series of the course.) 

Week 3: How to navigate around obstacles

In learning to use your guidance system you’ll also become more aware of your resistance. That is a good thing and we’ll assist you in making peace with where you are. We’ll share tools you can use to soften and even eliminate the resistance.


"Ask and it will be answered." - Abraham Hicks

It’s exactly what the name suggests. It means you’ll learn about the law of attraction and how to apply it in your life through conversation. We’ll ask questions of you and you can ask questions to us at all times.

This means:

  • No separate Q&A to make time for and
  • No dense study material to work through.

Instead we’ll learn through conversation.

That said, you will be given replays as well as fun games you can play at home, to assist you in applying what you’ve learned so you need not rely exclusively on your memory for retaining the information.


– Because we want this class to be more about what you’re seeking to learn, than about what we’re wanting to impart.
– Because it helps you clarify the content as you go, making it easy for you to understand, easy to remember, and therefore easy to actually apply what you learn. 

But mostly?

– Because it’s fun!

It’s fun to connect with others who are on a similar path. Fun to learn new things and fun to discover the creative control you have over your life. We are all in this together and learning alongside each other is one of the great joys in life.

Anyone interested in the law of attraction can benefit from this class. Even if you’re already familiar with the law attraction and Abraham Hicks, this class will still help to deepen your understanding while enjoying connecting with others who are also wanting to apply this law more deliberately in their life.

Yes, you’ll receive a replay of each class. We’ll send you an email with a recording as well as a fun game for you to play, so you can apply what you learn and experience the results for yourself.

While we do offer a replay, we are hoping you’ll attend live. Your questions in the moment help shape the course, besides you’ll feel so much more connected to both the material and your fellow students by attending live.

If you want to join, but you can’t make it live, you can sign up to receive the recordings only for 35 dollars or join us live in the next round for 59 dollars. The trial recording are FREE, so let us know if you want to receive them.

Send us a message via with your choice and we’ll send you all the information.

You can use the information to keep going on your own.

You can also continue the fun and learn even more, because we have two follow up series you can sign up for.

Curious about what we’ll cover? Read all about it here.

For any questions that remain, simply send us an email at yvon@ourlifegps and we’ll get back to you.

Would you like some more?

We’ve got you covered. Stick around for our advanced and master series.

We expect these classes to be a lot of fun that in and of itself could be reason to keep going. Aside from the fun though, there’s great benefit to continued practice. You can’t just get happy once and have everything in your life change. It takes practice and focus. Doing so in our class will really help you keep the momentum going.

Check out the information below to see what you’ll learn.

Series 2: Practical Tools

With a basic understanding of how the law of attraction works, you’ll now learn practical tools to amplify your manifestation power. The key to manifesting every single thing you want is to find a way to feel better before you even have it. To feel good regardless of the circumstances that now surround you. We’ll explain how in this series.

Week 1: How to move up the emotional scale.

Using examples from your own life and those of your class mates, we’ll be demonstrating how you can guide yourself up the emotional scale.

Week 2: How to guide your emotions.

Here we’ll discuss the practical, easy to use tools that can help you focus more on what you want. These tools are fun games you can play to feel good more of the time while amplifying your manifesting power.

Week 3: How to navigate contrast.

This week you’ll learn why you need to make peace with where you are before anything can change; And you’ll discover the freedom of feeling good even if conditions aren’t great.

Series 3: Mastery.

Week 1: How changing your perspective makes life easier.

In this class you’ll learn to place all you’ve learned into a larger context. We’ll show you how to gain access to the part of you that knows. How that perspective helps you to stop worrying about your past, eliminate unease about the future and feel your way to the things you want in the only moment that matters: now.

Week 2: How to tend to the most important relationship first

Here you’ll come to understand that the relationship between you and You, between you and your inner being/your heart/your soul is more important than anything else. We’ll talk more about the importance of feeling good and how to become more and more steady in yourself regardless of what happens.

Week 3: How to deal with problems when they’re small.

In this last session you’ll learn to fine-tune and pick up subtle differences. How to feel your way through life by always knowing what you have active in your vibration and what to do about it. We’ll give you a different take on negative emotion to assist you in making peace with it.

A different take on negative emotion. What it really is (information).

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